Help for the Refugees in Greece

In 2015, we first became aware of the influx of refugees fleeing their war torn countries.  Refugees from Syria, parts of Africa and Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries started their dangerous trek towards western Europe.  After crossing over from Turkey, many arrived in northen Greece.  Our hearts went out to them and we started helping in various ways.  We received humanitarian aid such as personal hygiene goods, food and clothing and even simple household equipment.  

Many refugees were housed in outside tents... and in tents that were inside abandoned warehouses.  Some were given refuge in old unused hotels or buildings that could provide shelter.   So many needs and so little resources were the case because Greece's economy was already in a poor state due to austerity measures imposed by the European Community.  

Presently, refugees continue to need help and we are caring for families that are fleeing Iran.  These Persian speaking people are grateful to get help from our ministry through the Stephen Center in Tirana, Albania.  We are renting a three story building from a Greek pastor friend who is now living in the States.  Here in this building that we call the HOUSE of HOPE, we are providing apartments for shelter and we want to give pregnant refugee women a clean, private and more "home like" place to live. 

Most of the refugees are Muslim.   Some of their beliefs are completely contrary to those that Jesus Christ says we are to have.  At the HOUSE of HOPE we strive to show the love of Jesus to these people by providing for their physical needs, as well as, teaching them about a personal relationship with Jesus. We have realized that the love of Jesus is best displayed when we are “doers” of His Word and allow His love to be seen through our actions.