DISABLED CENTER - New Life Center ( Qendra Jeta e Re)

In  early 2000, while Chris and Laura were traveling through Albania,  they drove around the corner of a mountain road and almost ran over a man who was in the middle of the road.   He had his hand raised up begging for money.  He had no legs and moved around on a small trolley .  This sad sight touched Chris'  heart and he felt God showing him that he must try to do something to help the disabled in Albania.  The Albanian government had no financial means at that time to provide the needed assistance for the poor and disabled people to get rehabilitation or physical and occupational therapy.   

After many years, The New Life Rehabilitation Center  (Qendra e Re) which was  our vision, OPENED!

 In October  2014,  during our 20 Year Anniversary Celebration of the opening of the Stephen Center,  we dedicated the New Life Rehab Center!  Land was purchased outside  of Tirana and a warehouse was built in the village of Kashar.  After a lot of prayer and many dedicated men and women coming alongside us,  the Rehab clinic  was finished in January 2015.  Half of the warehouse was  made into a rehab clinic and after equipping the clinic,  we opened the New Life Center and began receiving kids in need.  Most of these children were very poor and some never had physical rehabilitation.  They were in wheelchairs or in need of crutches to get around.  We  hired two dedicated Albanian ladies to work at  the New Life Center as well as, a trained physcial therapist.  They  love helping the children.  We are using a wheelchair van with a lift that can hold up to 4-5 wheelchairs.  We pick up the kids from their homes and   we  open 2 days a week.  Currently,  we are helping  4-10 young people that are receiving FREE treatment.  Our building has three exam rooms and an exercise room , as well as a parent reception area and a kitchen that we use to cook lunches for the children.  Your prayers for these young children are needed, as well as, hearts to be opened to help support this Center that will change lives.  Your prayers and financial support will bring a  blessing to many who are without hope.  Thank you on behalf of those that you give to.   It is the prayer of the Stephen Center that enough resources will be raised to continue this project .